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Many lawsuits are caused by a lack of a written contract or the use of a poorly worded contract. Unfortunately, many people do not recognize the great value of written agreements.

Many people rely on the fact that they are certain they will honor their word, but ignore the fact that the other person may not be as trustworthy. Others think that contracts are just “forms” that can be found on the internet and used. They often fail to recognize that the document they found may be designed to comply with the laws of another state, may include terms that are not consistent with their transaction, and may lack important terms that were not thought of by the original drafter.

Designing contracts to accomplish a legal transaction is about more than having a piece of paper. It is about understanding the goals of the parties, the potential problems that could arise, and the legal requirements of the transaction. That does not mean a contract has to be expensive or complex. They usually aren’t either of those. What it does mean is that they are right, binding, and designed to fit your situation specifically.

We represent clients in many kinds of legal transactions. We regularly review and draft contracts of various purposes, complexities, and lengths. Here are some examples of the kinds of agreements we regularly create:

      • Property sale/purchase agreements for private sales without a real estate agent.
      • Commercial and residential lease agreements.
      • Business sale agreements.
      • Private loan agreements.
      • Business transaction agreements.
      • Independent contractor agreements.
      • Business operating agreements.
      • Property sale/purchase financing agreements (including land installment contracts and private mortgages).
      • Liability settlement agreements.

Whatever your legal transaction is, we have probably seen it and understand the issues you are facing. Contact us to discuss your transaction and how we can help protect you with well drafted and binding contracts.

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