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Being a landlord is becoming increasingly difficult. Complex eviction laws, difficulties in collection of money owed to you, liability concerns, and an evolving litigation environment all present challenges. You became a landlord to invest and grow a small business. We understand your needs and are able to offer you protection and guidance that you need to make that investment worth the potential drawbacks.

We represent landlords managing approximately 1,000 rental units in Ashland, Richland, Wayne, Holmes, Knox Counties, as well as advising landlords in other areas across Ohio. Our services include:

      • Designing limited liability companies for landlord protection.
      • Keeping clients current regarding changing state and federal laws and regulations.
      • Providing landlords with reusable high quality leases and required legal disclosures.
      • Eviction planning and representation in court.
      • Rent and property damage collections.
      • Legal tenant selection best practices.
      • Litigation defense.

In addition to these services, we are able to offer years of experience and advice to assist you in running your rental business in a way that minimizes lost rent, open months, and out-of-pocket expenses. With a few basic policies and procedures, you can keep your units full of happy, paying tenants and easily dismiss those who are unwilling to abide by their agreements.

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