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Bankruptcy Court Calling? Be Careful!

Bankruptcy Court Calling? Be Careful!

There is a new scam in town, that involves “spoofing.” This is where scammers call you and have a fake number show up on your caller-ID so you think it is someone recognizable.  A new version of this involves scammers spoofing the number of a bankruptcy court and asking you for personal and financial information. One of the things that makes this effective is that scammers can access the public information about who has filed bankruptcy, and then target those people specifically. So when they get a call from the bankruptcy court, it seems like it could be legitimate. 

While bankruptcy does in fact require a full disclosure of a lot of your personal information, the bankruptcy court will NEVER call you and ask you for information over the phone. Of course, if you get a call like this, don’t give out any information over the phone, and be sure to let your bankruptcy attorney know so they can report it to the property authorities.

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