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There’s no such thing as an adult being “too young to need a will.”

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Picture a client coming to our office to create a last will and testament. Picture them coming in, sitting down with one of our attorneys, and having a discussion about planning for their death and potential incapacity. How old is the person you are imagining? If you are like most people, you are thinking of a retired person with gray hair and grandchildren. That is who most people think “needs” a plan, and that is who we see most often. But sometimes a client comes in that defies the stereotype. Sometimes the clients are a young couple with small kids crawling on their laps, coloring on...

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“Why would they buy property from themselves?”

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  Have you ever looked at the property transfer records in your local newspaper? If so, you have probably come across a transfer of from a husband and wife to themselves. Many people wonder why a couple would go through the process of transferring property to themselves, mistakenly thinking they are somehow “buying property from themselves.”   What they are usually doing is making a new deed that will operate differently at death. Ohio law allows for a couple of different types of joint ownership. Traditional “joint tenancy” has each spouse owning half of the...

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