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past_due_lg  We know that considering bankruptcy is not an easy process. Changes in our economy, unexpected financial needs, and personal losses can create circumstances that leave few other options, if any. Our goal is to help you understand how bankruptcy works, how it would impact you, and the alternatives that might exist for your situation. In addition to this site, we offer free consultations. Contact us if you would like to meet with one of our attorneys to discuss your situation and possible solutions at no cost.


Bankruptcy Answers:

 A Chapter 7 bankrupcty is one in which debts are completely forgiven and the debtor does not have to make any further payments toward the debts. For more information about the rules and filng procedures for Chapter 7 bankruptcy click here

  A Chapter 13 bankrupcty is one in which the debtor enters into a court-enforced payment plan to pay a portion of the debts, with the remainder being forgiven. For more information about the rules and filng procedures for Chapter 13 bankruptcy click here.    
There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding bankruptcy. Click here to get the truth.  
Many people have the same basic questions about bankruptcy. Click here to see the most common questions we hear and get their answers.    
In addition to the rules of bankruptcy there is a process that must be followed to file for bankruptcy. Our attorneys and staff guide you through every step of your bankruptcy. Click here to learn more about that filing process.
We understand that bankruptcy is not a “one-size-fits-all” answer to every financial problem. Sometimes it is in our clients’ best interests to not file bankruptcy and, instead, we assist them with a bankruptcy alternative. Click here for some examples of those alternatives.
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