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The average nursing home in Ohio costs nearly $7,000.00 per month. At that rate, a nursing home stay can decimate the life savings of most people. Many people who need nursing home care watch their assets dwindle to nothing and then begin receiving Medicaid benefits to cover their nursing home costs.

While the term “Elder Law” can encompass a number of legal issues senior citizens face, it usually refers to Medicaid Planning law. In Medicaid Planning, we help clients protect their assets for themselves and their families while qualifying for their Medicaid benefits to cover the costs of their nursing home care.

You have probably heard that Medicaid’s 5-year lookback limits planning to gifts made years before nursing home admission. Maybe you’ve even been led to believe that planning is now impossible for you. Though it is true that the lookback rule exists, it is wrong to believe that it makes planning impossible. For those who know and understand Medicaid law, there are almost always planning options. Some of our planning techniques occur before the 5-year lookback period, but we have also saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for people who are already admitted to a nursing home – all well within the rules of what Medicaid allows.

Our Medicaid Planning services include the following:

Medicaid Information

Most people know very little about Medicaid. Our attorneys will explain how Medicaid qualification works and the applicable planning options that exist.

Planning for Spouses

Medicaid rules allow special protections for spouses. Understanding the rules allow us to maximize what a spouse at home can keep when their spouse moves to a nursing home.

Family Gifting

Whether you are planning years ahead or after nursing home admission, we have methods that will allow you to gift assets to your family directly or in trust for the future.

Medicaid Trusts

Medicaid law offers protections for certain kinds of trusts. Those trusts can be used for asset protection in a number of situations. We can assist you in the creation and administration of those trusts for you and your family.

Medicaid Application

The Medicaid application process can be frustrating and confusing. We help you streamline the process and ensure that the the Medicaid worker treats you fairly and follow the rules.

Estate Recovery

When a Medicaid recipient dies, their assets (and potentially assets of their loved ones) will face collection efforts by the Ohio Attorney General’s Estate Recovery division. We can guide you through it and help protect the assets that remain.

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