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Society is becoming increasingly complex with legal concerns for businesses and their owners. Business entity operations, employee issues, formal contracts, government regulations, and liability concerns are only some of the issues that businesses face. Being good at your work is no longer enough to succeed. Your business needs a legal edge; a team that has experience with the legal issues you face and the ability to guide you through them quickly and efficiently.

From solo operations to corporations with hundreds of employees, we represent business of many different sizes, types, and industries. We provide those clients with a broad range of legal services that help them create, build, protect, and operate their businesses.

These are only some of the most common services we provide to businesses like yours:

Entity Creation

We help clients select, design, and create limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships, and other entity business designs.

Business Governance

Governing documents, meetings, resolutions, minutes, and other company formalities are too often overlooked, to the detriment of your business, We keep you in compliance.

Employee Issues

Employees can be the life blood of a great business, but they can also raise a number of legal issues. From hiring to firing (and everything in between), we help you manage your workforce in a safe and legal way.

Industry Regulations

Almost every industry faces increased regulations. We help you keep up with the changes, updating your practices, and staying in compliance.

Business Contracts

The notion of operating on handshakes simply isn’t safe anymore. Too many businesses enter transactions with that belief and learn the other party just isn’t honest. Your business needs protected with clear and unbreakable contracts.

Business Sales

When designed and operated the right way, your business will have ongoing value. We have helped clients of many sizes sell what they have built for maximum value.

Business Succession

Family businesses bring special enjoyment and opportunities. We help you understand and implement the best methods of transitioning your business to the next generation.

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