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Evicting a tenant is probably easier than you think.

Posted in Landlord-Tenant

A court staffer recently told me that he believed larger corporate landlords file a disproportionate number of the eviction in his court. I agreed that his belief was consistent with our firm’s findings. We represent a number of larger corporate landlords and families or individuals with anywhere from one to dozens of rental units. Despite living in an area where the majority of rental units are owned by individuals, we see far more evictions from our corporate clients. Why is this? Do private landlords have fewer tenants missing rent payments? Do they have a better way of handling...

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I have a creditor that is going to sue me. What should I expect?

Posted in Bankruptcy

Once your creditor has filed the lawsuit, you have the right to defend the case and try to avoid having a judgment issued against you by the court. A judgment is a court order that says you owe the money and empowers the creditor to collect against you. Once the judgment is issued, your creditor has several tools at their disposal for collecting the money owed. Here are some of the options: Debtor’s examination: Your creditor can obtain a court order that requires you to come to a court to answer questions about your assets under oath. You must attend the examination. If you fail to,...

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“Why would they buy property from themselves?”

Posted in Estate Planning, Probate

  Have you ever looked at the property transfer records in your local newspaper? If so, you have probably come across a transfer of from a husband and wife to themselves. Many people wonder why a couple would go through the process of transferring property to themselves, mistakenly thinking they are somehow “buying property from themselves.”   What they are usually doing is making a new deed that will operate differently at death. Ohio law allows for a couple of different types of joint ownership. Traditional “joint tenancy” has each spouse owning half of the...

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