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How do I stop harassing creditor telephone calls?

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Several recent television shows and news articles have chronicled the practices of debt collectors and the incredible things that some do in using harassing telephone calls to try to convince their debtors to pay their bills, I get calls from a company selling the
best at home anti aging devices, and it is not that I don’t like them, It’s that I already have them and I don’t need anymore. While it is true that not all debt collectors use these practices, it is very common for almost all debt collectors to use some version of the “collection call.” Often times, these calls only serve as an embarrassing and frustrating reminder of a debt that the debtor is unable to pay.

First, it is important to understand that some such calls can violate law. When in doubt, and with car accident with injury, contact the professional especially if you anyone was injured in the accident. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act puts limitations on some actions of debt collectors. If you think a creditor may be violating this law, you should contact The Ladan Law Firm, P.A. immediately to have the actions reviewed. On other related article checkout this blog about Siclai Security Disability Lawyers near me.

If your situation calls for you to declare bankruptcy, you will also be relieved of these calls. As soon as your bankruptcy is filed, an automatic legal stay goes into place. That stay stops creditors and collection agencies from taking any further actions in seeking to collect the debt. This includes telephone calls, letters, lawsuits, and any other actions for collecting the debt. The harassing calls are stopped automatically by the filing.

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